Dr. Dana Dennard (Baba KaMau) will discuss the many benefits of practicing the yoga disciplines & meditation techniques on health, and will do some demonstrations of his method. He was initiated into a kundalini yoga discipline by Shri Amrit Desai and is a teacher of various yoga and meditation techniques. He will teach a meditation technique that is easy to learn and practice. His wife, Dr. Sharon Ames-Dennard will also discuss and demonstrate the value of blending vital food smoothies. He is a licensed clinical psychologist, adjunct university professor, psychotherapist, forensic evaluator, school teacher, substance abuse specialist, certified hypnotherapist, yoga instructor, author, musician, & educational consultant to schools and government agencies. Within the past 8 years he has become a film maker, and is the writer/director/producer of the newly released independent feature film, “21 DOORS of LEGBA’s DREAMS”. At this time he is working on a new sci-fi film, “The VOICE of SA RA” which is expected to be released in the Spring of 2014. Currently, he is the program director & co-founder of the Aakhet Center For Human Development (a mental & holistic health community center) and past owner/director of the Sakkara Youth Institute Independent School where he was a part-time instructor of yoga, humanities and fine arts. He is a co-founder/owner (along with his wife) of Amen-Ra’s Book Shop & Gallery, Nefetari’s Fine Cuisine & Spirits, The Aakhet Press publishing company, and the co-creator of the Sma Em-Abu Male/Female Relationship Retreats. In addition to these duties, he is a consultant to the State of Florida’s Office of Disability Determination. He was an adjunct instructor of psychology at Tallahassee Junior College and Florida A&M University from 1987 – 1989, and assistant professor at FAMU from 1990 – 1996. He returned to FAMU as an adjunct instructor of psychology in 1998 and has also taught courses in the Black Studies and Social Work departments at Florida State University. He has been consulted by news media for commentary on issues relevant to the black community and has been quoted in Ebony magazine, Ebony Man, Jet magazine, Journey magazine, Quest magazine, USA Today, and many newspaper articles. He has operated two live talk-radio shows along with his wife and has appeared on national television programs such as CNN news and BET, and local programs such as “Your Voice” at WFSU/TV.


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